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Throughout this newsletter, we would like to keep you updated on the current and future projects and remind you of our Association's  guidelines.  We would also like to welcome new residents and invite all homeowners  to attend Association's monthly meetings.



The Board of Directors is holding monthly meetings every third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the Cutler Ridge First Methodist Church located at 20740 Old Cutler Road, room 101.  The Violation Control Committee meets at 7:00pm.  It is sad to see that so few of you show any interest in your community and only attend when some of you receive a violation notice or when you have a complaint. We would like to see more of our owners  attend those meetings and receive their input. 

Selling or leasing

If you are planning to sell or lease your home, please make sure to contact the Management Company in order to obtain the proper paperwork.   All buyers and renters need to be properly screened prior to moving in.  Those persons who move in without going through the screening process are subject to Association's denial and eviction.


New "Club La Costa" Sign

A new sign was installed at the corner of SW 85 Ave and SW 207 St.  The illumination of the new signs was completed.


Mulching Project

Before the holidays and the New Year, mulch was installed throughout the community to improve the appearance of our property.




You can find a variety of information including downloadable forms for renting, leasing, obtaining new car decals, or house paint-codes.


Approved Paints & Stains

Visit for the approved paint and stain codes.  

Tree Trimming Project
Association's arborist recommended trimming  trees every two years, rather than every year as we have done in the past.


Replacement of Mailboxes

The Association replaced all the old mailboxes with new ones.  The new mailboxes are larger and allow the postal  workers to leave larger packages in the mailboxes, which saves homeowners a trip to the post office.


If you receive a violation letter and you fix the problem, PLEASE contact the management office to have the violation removed from your account.  By not contacting the management, additional fees may be applied to your account.  

Volunteer.  Provide Feedback. Share Your Expertise!

The Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers, who live in Club La Costa and are involved in keeping our association running.  The Board of Directors would like to invite homeowners to come to meetings, and offer their expertise in a wide variety of projects.  The Board would welcome help in suggesting landscaping improvements, reading property surveys, illumination surveys, or traffic surveys, provide guidance with electrical projects, assist with permitting issues, or volunteering your knowledge in many other areas.


Take pride in your community

It is appalling to see how much garbage is being thrown on sidewalks, streets, and especially on 208th street East of 82nd Avenue. The items range from candy wrappers and plastic bottles, mostly discarded by schoolchildren, to beer containers, junk mail, discarded pieces of furniture, and even mattresses.
Please tell your children to take the garbage home with them and dispose of it in a proper manner. Grown-ups should do the same. Having the adjacent property unused and  overgrown with weeds and trees, still does not mean that it can be used as a garbage dump. Please help to keep our common areas pleasant.

Still more important is the outside appearance of many of the townhouses. A large number of townhouses are in need of being repainted. Please take a look at your home and do not wait to receive a violation letter or even fines but contract with a painter to improve the outside of your home and also guard against water infiltration which will happen if your house lacks sealing and painting. There is still some time before the next rainy season will start. Please check the website for the correct paint needed.



Commercial vehicles, boats, trailers, etc are NOT allowed inside the community.  Parking on the grass is also prohibited.  Vehicles parked on the grass in the front of  the homes will receive a violation notice.  Vehicles parked on the street and on the grass in the common areas will be towed at  the owner's expense.


Decals (parking stickers)

As you have probably noticed, our security guard has been issuing warnings for cars that do not have parking decals.  This measure is not meant to annoy the residents, but rather to find cars, whose owners do not reside in our community, or are not approved renters.  The intention is to keep our community a safe place, as every renter goes through background check screening.  Please contact the management office for parking decals. Any car parked for more than 72 hours without a parking decal will be stickered and eventually be towed.


Temporary Vehicle Permit

A temporary vehicle permit may be obtained from the guard.  Permit is only for a weekend, 15 days, or a maximum of 30 days.  All residents need to register their vehicle with the Association.  Each unit is allowed to obtain three (3) decals.  The first two are free of charge, additional decals are $25.00 each.  The Security Guard has been issuing warnings to vehicles without decals in an attempt to keep non-residents out of our community.  

To obtain parking tags for visitors, please ask the security guard on duty, or contact him at: 305-665-1526. 



Dogs must be maintained on a leash and at all times when they are being walked through the community.  Pets are not allowed unattended outside on the patio.  Owners are responsible for picking up after their dogs.


Architectural control

Architectural Control Committee approval is required prior to painting your home, driveway, installing pavers or stamp concrete, or making any architectural modifications to your home.  You can obtain the forms from the management office at the number listed at the end of this newsletter, or from our website at

Garbage cans and trash

Garbage bins can only be placed in the front of the home the evening prior to a garbage pickup day, and must be removed the evening of the pickup day. Bins need to be out of sight.  If the bins are too large for your particular household, please contact the Miami Dade County Waste Department (WD) or dial 311 for assistance to obtain a smaller bin.  You may also call WD if your garbage cans were damaged.  Owners, who leave their garbage cans outside and do not properly store them away out of sight, will receive a violation.


Management Company:

Courtesy Property Management


Yamilex Ortega, Association Manager
Angela Ortega, Secetary
13250 SW 135 Ave
Miami, FL 33186
Phone: 305-254-3888   ext. 109

Fax: 305-254-3855


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