Club La Costa

Homeowners Association, Inc.
Cutler Bay, Florida


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How long can the hurricante shutters stay up?
Hurricane shutters (galvanized panels and/or accordion shutters) will be put up at the first storm watch or warning and removed within two weeks after the hurricane has passed. Please make sure that all patio furniture, planters, potted plants and decorative plates are picked up and brought inside at the first warning of a hurricane. This is for your safety and the safety of your neighbors.

Who do I call when my street light is out?
Please call FPL at 1-800-4OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243) and report the burned out lights. FPL may ask you for the address close to the light, or the number imprinted on the light pole. You can also go to to submit a report.

Are pets allowed in the community?
Dogs must be properly leashed and not run loose. Common areas may be used for dog walking and owners must pick up after their pets. Care should be taken to keep dogs off lawns of unit owners. Except when being walked by their owners, pets are to be kept indoors and are not to be left in the backyards unattended. Those who do not comply violate the Rules and Regulations of the community and are subject to being fined.

Where is the closest trash & recycling center?
The closest trash & recycling center is located at 9401 SW 184 Street (Eureka Drive). Garbage cans can be left in front of the home only on the day of pickup. Violators will be fined $50.00.

Where can I install a satellite dish?
Any resident desiring to install a dish must complete an ACC Modification form and submit it to the Board of Directors prior to the commencement of the installtion. Dishes shall not encroach upon any common areas, other residents dishes shall under no circumstances exceed one meter in diameter, and shall not be installed in the front of the home and not higher than is absolutely necessary for reception of an acceptable quality signal. All installation shall be completed so that they do not materially damage any property within the community, or in any manner impair the integirty of any building. Residents shall not permit their antennas to fall into disrepair or to become a safety hazard.

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